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Neuroendocrine Unit

HEAD: ein sŸ§er Hund ...
C.J. Strasburger, MD, 
Head physician and lecturer

email: CJS@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de
Areas of interest: 
Growth Hormone - Clinical Aspects: 
· subsitution in GH deficient adults, 
· GH receptor antagonist in the treatment of acromegaly, 
Growth Hormone - Basic Research: 
· GH physiology in adults, 
· structure-function relationship, 
· hormone receptor interaction, 
· laboratory assessment of GH, 
· detection of doping with recombinant GH, 
· neuroendocrine immune system interaction, 
· placental growth hormone (GH-V), 
· ghrelin. 

J. Schopohl, MD, 
Head physician and lecturer

email: Jochen.Schopohl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Areas of interest: 
Clinical neuroendocrinology: 
· acromegaly, 
· somatostatin analoga, 
· prolactinomas, 
· dopamine agonists, 
· Kallmann's Syndrome, 
· male hypogonadism, 
· endocrine disorders in severe disease.


Dr. M. Bidlingmaier, Dr. H. Feldmeier, Dr. C.-D. Pflaum, Dr. H. Lahner, Dr. Z. Wu
Dr. N. Ebrecht, Dr. B. Gutt, R. Schwaiger, E. Gullis
K. Muller-Schertler
Lukas Burget 
Stephanie Frieß

Kathy Muller-Schertler (secretary)
email: K.Muller-Schertler@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de

Dr. Martin Bidlingmaier, MD  (lab supervisor)
email: bidlingmaier@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de

Areas of interest: 

Growth Hormone - Clinical Aspects:
· GH receptor antagonist in the treatment of acromegaly, 

Growth Hormone - Basic Research:
· GH physiology in adults, 
· laboratory assessment of GH and GH-dependent parameters, 
· detection of doping with recombinant GH, 
· neuroendocrine immune system interaction, 
· flow cytometry: analysis of receptor expression on white blood cells, staining of intracellular proteins; 
· placental growth hormone (GH-V). 

Other areas of interest:
· hormonal responses to mental and physical stress (cortisol in saliva), 
· immunoassays for hormones and binding proteins: leptin, leptin binding proteins, ghrelin. 

Dr. Horst Feldmeier, MD
email: feldmeier@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de

Areas of interest: 

· Endocrine disorders in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases 
· lipid disorders and endocrine regulations in diabetes mellitus 
· growth hormone substitution 

Dr. Claus-Dieter Pflaum, MD
email: CDP@drpflaum.de

Areas of interest:

· development and establishment of a ligand immunofunctional assay for human growth hormone binding protein, hGHBP. 

Growth Hormone:
· subsitution in GH deficient adults, 
· physiology in adults 
· receptors and binding proteins
· structure-function relationship 
· hormone - receptor interaction 
· resistance 
· heart disease

other  areas of interest:
· hormones and aging 
· endocrinum of the elderly
· hormones and sports



Dr. Harald Lahner, MD
email: H.Lahner@gmx.de

Areas of interest: 

· growth hormone:
- physiology and pathophysiology
- regulation and interaction
- substitution

· thyroxine-binding globulin:
- structure-function relationship
- ligand interaction
- evolution

Dr. Zida Wu, MD 
email: Zida.Wu@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de

Areas of interest: 

· clinical studies on GH deficiency;

· monoclonal antibodies, 
· molecular biology, 
· protein interaction, 
· immunoassay development, 
· growth hormone and its receptors, 
· leptin and its receptors.

Dr. Nils Ebrecht, MD
email: nils.ebrecht@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de
Clinical studies on GH deficiency

Bodo Gutt, MD
email: bodo.gutt@medinn.med.uni-muenchen.de

Areas of interest: 

· acromegaly, 

· sleep apnea syndrome


Lukas Burget, cand. med. 
Growth hormone isoforms and doping detection 

Stephanie Frieß, cand. med.
Role of GH-V in gestational diabetes 

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